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OK, this is a long question for experts only, that a lot of googling has yet to answer.

I have an older, unusual AV setup All the AV equipment is in a dedicated equipment closet (ie. not out in the open living room). The video and audio signals are routed thru cables to the TV, speakers, etc. There is an infrared (IR) repeater in the living room to send IR back to the equipment in this closet for control. I installed all this in 2006 with upgrades along the way and it has worked pretty well since then.


1. A Denon 2005 vintage AVR with only component video inputs (no HDMI).
2. A Fire TV (gen 2) box (HDMI output)
3. HDMI-to-component video converter boxes (to convert HDMI to component video and optical audio)
4. A 70" LCD TV in the Living room (component video input) I don't use the speaker in the TV at all.
5. Large stereo, center channel and surround speakers in 5.1 setup
8. A 12" TV in the Kitchen (component video input)

The Fire TV HDMI output is connected to an HDMI-to-component-video converter box. It outputs RGB component HD video signals and TOSLINK (optical) digital audio (it passes Dolby Digital). These are connected to the Denon AVR which selects the video/audio source. The video is routed to the living room TV and the Kitchen TV, the AVR decodes the audio and plays it thru the speakers. At present, I have to control the TV with it's own remote, the AVR with ITS own remote control and the Fire TV with ITS remote! I have to have 3 remotes to watch TV! BTW, the AVR is controlled via it's own remote which is infrared (IR) for input select, volume, mute, etc.

Here is where I thought the Fire TV Cube would help. I want a single, unified remote control to control the TV (ON/OFF only), the volume and mute on the AVR and the Fire TV itself. So I bought a Fire TV cube during Prime Day. But I can't seem to find the right combination to get it work.

For this work, I need the Fire TV Cube remote control to:

1. emit IR control signals itself (not from the Cube)
2. be able to be programmed to control the power (ON/OFF) of the TV and the volume/mute of the Denon AVR separately. In other words, the power button on the Fire TV remote should send TV on/off IR code to the TV and the volume and mute buttons should send IR codes for the Denon, all output from the remote itself. I would still control the input selection via the AVR's remote control.
3. And here's a big one: I want to get a SECOND Fire TV remote (with IR, power and volume control) and program it to control the TV in kitchen (different brand from the on in the living room)

Obviously, the Fire TV Cube was not designed to do this. I don't even plan to use the "Alexa" features of the cube. I only want it because 1) it supported the newer streaming services such as Apple TV+ and 2) it has IR remote, in addition to the Bluetooth.

So, finally, my question is: can I do this with the Fire TV Cube or should I just send it back?

Thanks for reading.

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yes the power button will turn on your cube, tv, and avr, and the volume will control your avr. This is how I have mine setup, but honestly I use voice most of the time because the voice features work really well. In fact, I use it mostly as a control device for my other devices and for switching inputs, most of my streaming is done through my  tv. As far as controlling a second tv I’m not sure, you can definitely add devices and there’s an IR blaster, but I’m not sure you can set the remotes up independently, in fact the menu is pretty rudimentary and there’s really not anything detailed for the remote.
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