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thought you'll might enjoy this...

Explay has developed the world's smallest projector, a revolutionary nano-projector engine small enough to fit inside your pocket or be embedded in your mobile device, allowing you to truly enjoy the big picture wherever you are.

With an experienced multi-disciplinary team of experts in electro-optics, polymer optics, beam shaping, opto-mechanics and analog and digital ASIC design Explay is changing this industry picture by providing projection solutions that can harvest the full potential of mobile devices.

ExPlay's revolutionary laser based projection technology enables high-resolution images 20 times larger than the mobile device itself. Its unique battery-operated, nano-projector ensures an eye-safe, always focused superior quality, powerful projected image, elements essential for frequent usage by mobile product consumers.

Using the combined power of an innovative light source, an enhanced image modulator and a proprietary ASIC, Explay provides a complete optic and electronic projector engine solution for simple and glueless integration into third party products.

OnDeGo Nano-Projector Engine

Explay's first generation nano-projector engine module aims at both consumer and business markets. It is a projection engine that can either be integrated into a standalone pocket projector connected (through a cable or wireless connection) to different handheld electronic devices or it can be integrated into the mobile device. Explay's OnDeGo products will support applications with projected screen sizes from 7" up to 30".

Explay Features and Benefits

* Comprehensive matchbox size solution

Easy glue-less integration into third-party products

* Large projected screen from small devices

Easy viewing of high resolution content

Information sharing

* Compact and light weight

Goes with you everywhere

Integrates or embedded into mobile devices

* Low Power consumption

Long un-tethered operation

* Safe

Restriction-free operation

Child safe

* High reliability

Easy to install

No replaceable parts
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