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Hey everybody,

I just got my SA Explorer 2000HD box from TWC last Tuesday. I had it hooked up to my Sony VPH1270Q projector in a matter of minutes with the RGBHV connection (thanks to John Mason's post).

It is a great picture, and I'm very happy, but it drives me crazy not know what all the other connections on the STB are used for. I am interested in recording HD. Also, is there a way to run the output through my PC so that I can use software to avoid burn in by 4:3 images. If anybody has any info on any of the following please post it here:

1. RJ45 ethernet jack

2. USB port

3. PS2 (?) data port

4. Bypass jack (mine has a metal plate in front of it)

5. the other 5 or 6 hardware headers inside

6. any information about the Service Menu (access instructions from RudyT's post - thanks)

attached is a photo of the board with the RGBHV jumpers circled.


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