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I want to build a good quality audio system.

In my city I can't test any system and I have to choose only one.


1. Exposure 1010

2. NAD C326Bee

speakers (bookshelves):

1. PSB Synchrony One B (input power 15-150 W, 8 Ohms)

2. Amphion Argon 1 (input power 20-150 W, 8 Ohms)

3. Canton Vento 120 (input power ?-150 W, 4...8 Ohms)
note: all three speakers have the same price in my country

A. In terms of quality, what system do you prefer?

B. Taking into account W and Ohms for amp and speakers, do you think that Exposure 1010 can drive any speakers in my list?

I like warm sound but I prefer a real one instead of synthetic/processed warm sound.

They are listed in order of my preferences based on what I read.


1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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