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Extended Desktop is driving me nuts:-(

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I just got a Dual Mac Mini (it has the Intel 950 graphics) to replace my old MCE box. Everything is great, it is fast (boots MCE 2005 faster than my old P4 3.2,) but I am hooking it up an old EDTV Panasonic plasma.

The Mini is running MCE 2005. It would not do 852x720, but I can live with it (my old Radeon 9800 Pro kept slipping out of it too,) if I can run 1280x720.

The problem is, once I set it to 1280x720, the image gets squashed and I get a virtual desktop (the desktop extends to the right beyond the screen and to get to it I have to scroll there.) It looks like it thinks the monitor is 4x3 when it is applying the 16x9 resolution.

Any idea what might be causing this?

P.S. I can run 1072x600 just fine, but anything above goes to virtual desktop.
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It sounds like it could be an EDID issue. Have you checked the limitations in the EDID for the TV?
Originally Posted by mnn1265
It sounds like it could be an EDID issue. Have you checked the limitations in the EDID for the TV?
I think you are right. PowerStrip sees the Panasonic as 1072x600 at 61Hz, which is incorrect.

PS has an option to change the EDID, but where do I get one, or how do I create it? It's a 42" Panasonic commercial TV.
There's a little option in there to create a custom driver. I'm too lazy to open it up and describe it all especially when there are so many threads here that lay it all out. Just do a search and you'll find some nice guides.
I have tried creating custom driver with PS. The problem is, XP seems to override the custom driver and still relies on the EDID settings (which it reads wrong.) For example, with the custom driver set at 1280x720, PS still shows actual pixels at 1076 (which is the max it thinks the monitor will do according the EDID.) This is why when I set 1280x720 it gets squashed and it goes to virtual desktop (because it sees the monitor as having a max capability of 1076.)

The only 16x9 resolution I got running is 1076x600, but there MCE 2005 does not understand that it is widescreen resolution and tries to run at 4x3. Anyone figured out a way to force MCE to go to 16x9 at resolutions it doesn't understand?
Did you use the "uncap" option in powerstrip to remove the resolution top limits?
Thanks. The uncap option didn't work, but here is a solution to this "virtual desktop" problem using different Intel drivers:

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