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Extended Warranty - Help Using

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I have a Sharp 46d62u...

When I purchased the TV, I also got the extended warranty...

Well, the banding on my TV has finally driven me over the edge, and I was planning on calling in the extended warranty and having it replaced.

My question is, what do I go about saying (or not saying) when I call them up?

I noticed there no longer are any 46d62u's will they replace mine with a d64u? What other things should I keep in mind when I call them up?

Thanks for you help!
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good luck thats all i have to say.

sharps service gets a c- from me.

my tv has banding, and has from the day i bought it. Also in the first month of ownership didn't turn on properly 2 times. I called sharp told them of both problems, and they send a tech out. he comes out says he can't do anything that day. comes back a couple weeks later with a new board for the tv. takes some pictures of the banding after doing a firmware upgrade doesn't replace the board and leaves. banding is still there today.

If you get them to give you a replacement tell me how you did it cause I need to do the same thing.

my understanding is that they won't GIVE you a 64u replacement you can "upgrade" to it for like $150 or so.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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