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Hi Guys,

I need some advice. I just bought a new 65VT60, and given EOL on Panny Plasmas I want to pickup an extended warranty.

My dealer, Video Only in SF Bay Area, sold me a warranty from 'The Warranty Group': http://www.thewarrantygroup.com/us-index.html

It is 4 years extended from original 1 year manufacturer warranty (Total 5 year) for $320. Has anyone heard of these guys?

Apparently it covers any issue except physical damage caused by user and burn in and has a no Lemon Policy (can't fix after three tries get a full replacement).

However, beyond the brochure I was given, there are no details on the policy, no contract, and no fine print.

The Warranty Groug (TWG) is a big underwriter/administrator of extended warranties, handling everything from Home, Auto, and Electronics warranties. I believe they handle extended warranties for Vizio and Samsung. Has anyone used these guys or ever filed a claim? I want know how good they are. Google search revealed very little.

My dealer is a reputable authorized Panasonic dealer and I trust them, but this warranty seems a bit sketchy with the lack of information I have received at time of purchase. I have 30 days to get a refund and pick another policy.

I am a Costco member and can get the Squaretrade 3 year extended warranty (1 year manufacturer + 3 year Squaretrade = 4 years total). That is only $99. It is a very similar policy. The only downside of the policy is there is repairs are budgeted out of total purchase price. Also getting the policy to reflect actual place of purchase instead of Costco is a bit of a hurdle and sketchy. But policy is cheap. At least with this policy, the fine print is clearly available and reviews of the policy are readily available. Is it true that Panasonic uses Squaretrade as their extended warranty administrator?

Anyhow, I think I know the answer here, but wanted to get some advice.


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