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Extender Congestion?

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I have an HP z555 Media Center which is connected to an Xbox unit with the Microsoft Media Extender software. The machines are connected through my hardwire home network via a router, and are about 60 feet from one another.

80% of the time when we try to watch something recorded on the z555 on the Xbox, we get frequent "Network Congestion" messages. I'm assuming these messages are just because the z555 is having a tough time keeping up with the streaming process.

Is this normal for a hardwired connection like this, or should I be looking at something else?
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Have you confirmed that your wired network is running at 100Mbps instead of reverting to the much slower 10Mbps? Check the little lights on the sides of the RJ45 connectors, they will tell you if it is running at full 100Mbps.

A bad connection or cable can cause it to run at the slower setting.

fwiw, a local 100Mbps connection through a router in your home should have no problem streaming a full HD signal without interuption, even when other network traffic is going on.

One HD stream should be a breeze for 100baseT. I have tested 2-MCE machines with 1-XBOX360 simultaneously and streaming is fine. Add one more stream and it gets choppy.

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