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I'm getting ready to build a subwoofer closet to serve as my large and low tuned (LLT) speaker box. It will be house four 15 inch woofers and two 5 x 16 inch ports. This box, which is basically a small closet, will abut the existing exterior rear wall of my HT. The box will be built on a concrete slab from 2x4 studs and 3/4" MDF, completely sealed from the outside elements (see 1st drawing). I will have to insulate the concrete slab, probably with cork underlayment.

My question relates to dewpoint and moisture control. I have a basic understanding of dewpoint, and I realize that condensation will almost certainly occur within the box if I don't regulate its temperature. I don't think I can install fans in the ports, because that will change the tuning of the box.

So, I had a couple of ideas:

1) Build a second, external "sheath" wall to surround the closet, leaving about 1/2" between it and the closet. I could then take a tap from my HVAC duct work and send air into this 1/2" space, with a "return" on the other side of the closet into an adjacent interior bathroom (see 2nd drawing).

2) Another option is to skip the "sheath" wall, and put in radiant heat flooring to keep the temps up. Obviously, this would take care of the cold but would not keep the box cool in the summer.

Should I even worry about keeping the box cool in the summer? The only theoretical problem I can imagine is this: heated air in the box will hold more moisture than the cooler, HT air. Maybe over time, this heated air could absorb moisture from the HT air, and if hot enough and moist enough, a dewpoint could occur within the closet.



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