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Hello all, looking for your opinions. I currently own a Pioneer Elite VSX-56TXi A/V Receiver. I am using it to power my center channel and surrounds (7.1 system). My mains are being powered by a Pioneer Elite M-10X amp.

Question, should I be using my 56TXi to power all my speakers or is my current set-up effective. I ask this as the M-10X is 100 w/channel, the 56TXi 110 w/channel. The amp section in the 56TXi is superior to the M-10X.

Am I hindering or helping my current set-up by using the M-10X to power my mains? I am using my equipment for 80% home theater and 20% music. My speaker set-up is the SVS SBS-01 7.1 system with the PB12-NSD sub.

Thanks for the imput.
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