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External HD to 8300HD... problems...

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Thanks for all the comments and information given on this already, but I seem to be having a problem I hadn't seen yet.

Following directions, I got the point where the box says it needs to format the disk. Press A to do so. I press A and the screen freezes and the audio goes out temporarily, then after 30 secs or the audio comes back but the screen stays frozen on that frame.

At this point I decided to let it sit on the off chance it was taking a very long time to format. Well the next morning nothing changed, I was able to browse channels and watch tv w/ no problems. But list resulted in an error message about the drive being corrupted.

Removed External HD and everything is back to normal. Tried it a couple times, Any suggestions.. How long does it normally take the 8300 to format a 500 gig disk.

Thanks in advance
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I also added a 500 gByte external drive to my Explorer 8300 HD.

While I don't recall how long the disk format took as I did it about a year ago, I do know it wasn't a ridiculously long amount of time. Probably WAY less than a half hour.

Try shutting down and removing power from your cable box, shutting down the external drive, restarting the external drive then reapplying power to the cable box. See if that helps.

Good luck.


Hope this helps.
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