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I am considering a used Rotel receiver, as I can get such a better sounding setup going that way over buying something new but would still end up costing more (RSX-1056 versus a Marantz sr5006).

However I do like the simplicity of the HDMI 1.4 support for my 3D TV. I could run analog outs from my Oppo and the HDMI straight into the TV, but then I have multiple HDMI devices (Comcast box and Xbox 360).

I was thinking I could wire digital connections for audio straight to the Rotel inputs for those, but then also have to manage the inputs on the TV.

One step to simplify this would be an HDMI switcher. Is anyone who owns one of the older Rotel's running an external switcher? Any recommendations on one that supports HDMI 1.4?

Thanks much!

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