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eXtreme power supply calculator and my system

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I just did this calculator to see if I am still meeting my power requirements with my new system and I am about 195W off.. Although the system runs great I am more concerned about the life of the power supply..

The calculator said I needed 695W.. First I gathered my jaw off the floor and now I don't know what to do about this..

The PSU that is in there is 500W and it is powering the following:


Intel e6600 Conroe

OCZ Gold 2x1GB

8800 GTS 320

Auzentech X-Meridian

Hauppauge HVR-1600

AverTV M780

4 7200 RPM SATA drives

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These calculators have a large error built into them by default. The idea is that it is better for many people to spend too much on a power supply than a few people go through the troubles associated with a weak a power supply.

Your concerns about the life of the power supply are valid. If the power supply degrades, it could provide unsteady voltage. I would do nothing for now, but as soon as you notice stability problems, replace it.
How did you calculate the total power?
  • EVGA SLI LT A1 Mobo: 50W
  • Intel e6600 Conroe: 65W (no OC)
  • OCZ Gold 2x1GB: 10W
  • 8800 GTS 320: 103W (Peak 3D)
  • Auzentech X-Meridian: 10W
  • Hauppauge HVR-1600: 30W
  • AverTV M780: 30W
  • 4 7200 RPM SATA drives: 48W
  • 1 DVD-RW: 30W
  • Total: 376W

500W (e.g. Corsair HX520W) is enough for your system.
Thanks, I was trying to gather myself after I read that..

Ok, who makes 700-800W power supplies? I am adding blu-ray and don't expect much life out of this PSU.
I calculated it with the 3150MHz clock
CPU power consumption is proportional to (applied voltage)^2 x frequency. If overclock CPU to, say, 3200MHz with 1.45V, the CPU power consumption is

65W x (1.45/1.25)^2 x (3200/2400) = 117W,

so 117W - 65W = 52W increase and the total power is

376W + 52W = 428W. 695W is totally wrong.
Wow.. glad I didn't look at that thing before I bought my new pc, I might have spent a lot of money on a new PSU.
Look at the adds that usually accompany such "calculators" and you will get an idea of their purpose.

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