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Ive decided to ”upgrade” my entire video/audio setup. Ive based my choices off the major review and ratings websites and Im not too happy and could use some advice.

Old setup was Panasonic TC-P55VT60 paired with Panasonic SB-HTB550 soundbar and sub.

New setup is LG B8 65 and Samsung HW N650.

My impressions so far is the TV has deeper blacks and is bigger, but reflects light much worse, so its basically useless in my living room with bay windows. Also (and I understand this is an OLED issue) the stutter during panning shots with Blu-rays has me debating returning it. I dont use interpolation and the motion on the plasma was so much smoother and its a struggle adjusting.

Anyways... the Samsung soundbar just doesnt sound right. Maybe tinny is the word? Im not an audiophile, but I can tell when something sounds good vs bad, and this bar is leagues worse than my old HTB550. It doesnt seem like any of the individual sounds are distinct; its all muddled together. Also, the subwoofer is extremely weak and there seems to be no gradations between 0 and +6. On the contrary, the Panasonic woofer was so loud I had to turn it down. Im considering buying the rear two speakers to make it more immersive but I dont think thatll help make it anymore tolerable.

At $400 this thing is kinda expensive given the performance. Music seems OK, but streaming content and Blu-rays are rough. Id say its comparable to my subless $100 Vizio bar I have upstairs.

I need a decent soundbar. I dont want to spend much more than $300-400 but could go to $500. Things like Atmos arent critical. Honestly, I just want some good sound.
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