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Extremely n00b question(s)

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Hi there,

I'm new to the HT game and I want to get a decent receiver. Here's my situation, I'm only going to have 2 front speakers, possibly a center speaker and a sub. Do I need 5.1,6.1,7.1 etc. receivers for this or can I get away with a stereo receiver? I'll be doing a lot of movie watching but I can live without the surround sound.

Any advice? I want to stay within the $500 budget for the receiver, thanks!
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Stereo receivers don't have the proper decoders, and don't (generally) have bass management for a sub. And of course, they won't have a center channel output, which you said you would like.

Stereo receivers are not a bargain in any case. AV receivers outsell them, and you know how economy of scale works.

What you want is an AV receiver with sufficient inputs for your needs. I personally avoid the most budget of models, as they make the more compromised on the power supply.

$500 should get you a nice receiver.
Thanks Michael

what are some good units for $500?
Not my strong suite, sorry. Onkyo, Harmon Kardon, and Pioneer come to mind. Yamaha is ok I guess - I am a bit dissapointed in the RX-V665 when compared to last years equivalent. The RX-V765 looks better - it depends on what you need to connect to it.

Originally Posted by pookguy88 /forum/post/16869853

Thanks Michael

what are some good units for $500?

Here's a good start point.



or this:


This will put you under your $500. mark and sound really nice(for the money).

Also, 99% of DVD's are not 7.1. Most are 5.1 followed by 2.1.
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