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Extron DVS 406

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OK, not to flood the forum or anything, but a couple of questions about the 406... (Don't exactly fit the previous thread.)

The SDI, S-Video, and Composite inputs are straightforward enough to me... they're deinterlaced and scaled to the output resolution on RGB.

Where I'm still lost is the two RGB inputs. Can someone explain the actual functional difference in these two?

I'm thinking that I can get enough inputs to the 406 by using Component and/or RGB standalone switchers connected to the RGB/Component inputs... but I need to understand how those inputs work.

Thank you all for your very helpful responses!
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HTPC and DTC-100 for two. A Mac if you are so inclined. You could do it with separate switchers though. Pay attention to bandwidth and connections and cables.
I was also reading in another post the one of the RGB inputs can accept HD component and seperate it into RGB. No more sub switching!
Ok... here you go


Input one is an RGB pass through. If you had an HD source that was RGBHV (the vga connector on the back of some receivers) or lets say a computer for playing games, you could hook that up to input number one. all that would happen is the signal would be passed through.

Input two can be exactly the same... OR it can take An HDTV (720P or 1080i or any other high res component HD signal) COMPONENT signal in and do a PROPER colourspace conversion to RGBHV. No frequency change, just format change. In addition, the second input can also take in a regular component (480P or I) and scale it to the resolution of your choice.

THen you have inputs 3, 4, and 5 whick can take in either S or composite.

input 6 is an OPTIONAL upgrade to an SDI input. The input can be added later in the field by a technician of limited abilities.

The other neat feature on the scaler is that if you have a high res source going into input 1... the outpur scaler resolution can be set to "lock" to the exact same frequency as input 1. SO if you have some bizzare rate set into a computer on input one... the scaler will mimic it for the output rate. YOu also have control over outputting different RGB sync formats and polarities.
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OK... Let me make sure I have a firm grip on this:

Input one passes through whatever it gets.

Input two can be configured for either:

a> RGB pass through, identical to input 1

b> Component Progressive or Interlaced transcoded and scaled to RGB

Where I'm still lost is that input one can be configured for "HD Component" --- and will be output as RBG.
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Inputs 1 and 2 are configurable and I think that is causing some confusion. Dizzman is incorrect he didn’t read the manual.

Input 1 can be configured as:

A) RGB, RGBS, RGBHV pass through

B) HDTV YUV to RGB color space converter

Input 2 can be configured as:

A) YUV interlaced to RGB scaled

B) YUV progressive (480p) to RGB scaled

C) RGBCv interlaced (for the European Scart connector) to RGB scaled

D) RGB, RGBS, RGBHV pass through

The manual can be found at… http://www.extron.com/download/files...al_rev_Ax1.pdf
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OK. Some examples, and I'll shutup ;)

A "VGA" output from a Sony SAT-HD100 (fixed at 1080i) would go into either 1 or 2, configured as RGBHV pass-through.

A computer's video card would go into either 1 or 2, configured as RGBHV pass-through.

A progressive scan DVD player (480p) would go into input 2, configured for YUVp. (or SDI if the player has the output)

Finally, an XBOX (which outputs progressive and interlaced HDTV depending on the game) would go into input 1, configured for HD YUV.

Is that all correct?

Thanks! The whole digital video realm really confuses me sometimes :D !

BTW: I have to say, it's really cool to see someone on these forums who works for the manufacturers of the gear we spend all our money on. Thanks!
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This looks like exactly what I need... (Have a Camelot Roundtable and want some means of scaling 480p to 1024x768 or 720p).

Is this available yet?


Any picture quality reviews yet?


Bernard Yeh
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It is available now, from Extron dealers. (I think)

List is $4,200.

I haven't seen this unit, but I have (at work) two System 7SCs, which look great. The DVS is supposed to be a better scaler.
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