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How did you feel the vision of a Panasonic PZ85E in 24p looks like?

  • I think it's always very smooth, expecially in slow pannings even with IFC off

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  • I think it's affected by judjerings, the telecine is still there and picture is not truly 96hz.

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I've searched a lot through the internet for an answer. Many info were only interpretations about what Panasonic specifications say. Panasonic claims to support 24p, but "support" doesn't strictly mean real 96hz playback. Some reviewers say there aren't telecinte judjers, some say there are.

Now that these plasma tv's are available since months i would like people to give their opinion about how a Panasonic tv shows 24p. Opinions based on visual test with a 24 bluray directly connected through hdmi to

Just two warnings to give this poll some reliability.

1-Vote only if you tested personally 24p with a 24p source directly connected to the tv. (Many shopping malls use an hdmi splitter which converts signal to 1080i, making the test useless)

2-Don't vote according to specifications (yes, it's the same point 1, i repeat because this is extremly important)

3-The test must be with Intelligent Frame creation off. (Imho IFC is a way to avoid telecine judger)
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