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I have :
iMac 2014 with 8GB RAM, using Mavericks
EyeTV Diversity, set to "Dual Tuner".

The problem is this : EyeTV randomly duplicates schedules and recordings.

It doesn't matter how the schedule was created, whether via Smart Guides, or just clicking on the Program Guide. If I delete the duplicate schedules, it just recreates them.

It only chooses a few shows to do this to. It chooses different shows each time. It goes through an episode of doing this for a few days in a row, then settles down again for a while.

As I say, it seems entirely random. I have not been able to determine any kind of pattern.

I'm sure the Diversity worked fine at first. I've had the Diversity for two years. I bought a computer running Mountain Lion a year ago. The problem has been happening for approximately that long, but I can't be sure. I don't recall that it was happening on my old computer.

I did ask Elgato, but they "upgraded" me to a level 2 technician, so now I just get an email response about a week after each reply.

The only suggestion so far is to go back to a previous version, but I have no idea of when the different versions were released. There's no point in reinstalling a version that was released less than a year ago.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks :)
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