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After going years being bullet-proof, in the last 12 months I've had recordings screw up because the EyeTV didn't change the channel properly.

I've switched out the IR blaster, gone back to OSX 10.9 and the problem persists. I've also switched out several of the backup EyeTV HD units I have. I'm wondering now if the problem is with the DirecTV receiver or if I have the blaster too close?

I'm aware that I can change the blaster setting in the EyeTV preferences to where it sends out just the number digits, 3 digits or 4 digits as well as having the numbers entered at different rates of speed. I have it on it's default setting.

Has anyone had a similar problem and fixed it?


Yikes I must be the last person on earth using an EyeTV HD. and RIP.

I managed to improve the situation quite a bit by putting a light-proof cover on the front of the DirectTV box. I had seen a YouTube video complaining how week the blaster signal was. It dawned on me that the sun was streaming thru the window right on the front of the cablebox during the time when the channel wouldn't change. So now I've gone from 80% fail rate to about 3% and am a happy camper.
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