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Hey guys,

I'm in the market for a new LED 46-51 inches. I've been looking at the F8000 really closely but its been getting mixed reviews and I know the ES was kind of a bomb so I'm a little nervous about dropping 2000 + on their new model.

I've heard Sony and Pansonics LEDs are much better than they used to be and Panasonic just released the TC-L47WT60 which looks sick. Anyone have any experience with it or seen it in person? Best Buy doesn't have them. I'm leaning towards the F8000 but I'm interested to get some feedback from the techies out there that are more privy to this kind of stuff then me.

i know Sony had some kick but panels last year but I haven't seen anything in that size range for this year yet. My budget is 2200 max!!!

Thanks for the help guys!
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