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fabric for small pillows - movie theme?

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Happy Holidays!

I want to make a few small pillows (12x12" for headrest) and i thought it would be nice to have black/dark fabric but in a movie theme. for example one side of the pillow can have a picture of ....

directors clapboard?

movie reel

ticket stub


Does anyone know where to get such fabric? Thanks!
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How about on ebay - Item number: 8245113490

Item number: 8245196065

Item number: 8240939973

Item number: 8246321249

kinda silly one Item number: 8245882948

Item number: 4414158166

Item number: 8230581255

Item number: 8224354848

Happy Holidays!

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Thanks! I try to help find things for fellow HT'rs. I got most of my stuff from ebay. It can be easier. Sometimes google searches give too much vague information. A good example was recently when I searched for Ohm speakers (the brand, not the impedance). They had a pair of Ohm Model C speakers on Craigslist in Boston and for the life of me I was unable to find much on google because it was coming up with ohm (impedance). If I did Ohm Model C with quotes, I got a few, but I imagine there was more info online about them.

Happy New Year!

Thanks! I never thought to look on ebay. I am going to also check with a local embroidery store in the next week or so if they can take a picture and sew it on any fabric.
This might border on a craft (OK, it IS a craft), but you can buy velvet fabric and use this http://www.fabrics.net/etch.asp

to "burn out" a theater design - ooohh! How Custom!

then build your pillows. I have heard of using stamps and ironing them to the pile for burnout http://www.hotpotatoes.com/velvet.asp , but this looks a whole lot easier.

Maybe you could even buy ready-made pillows, then burn out your design...
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While cleaning my office (wifes orders) I stumbled across some iron on transfers that you can run through a printer to get your image printed on it, then just iron it on your t-shirts. I'm going to try this weekend on some fabric samples with some home theatre like images and if it turns out, I'll get my wife to make pillows out of it. I'll post back the results.

Here are some pics I got right in powerpoint clipart, I've printed this out and am going to try them out on some fabric.

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I bought some movie strip fabric at a Hancock Fabrics. My son is in film school and I thought it would make a great quilt. They had it in black and white and in colors. Go to hancockfabrics website. Scroll down to the bottom and click on St. Jude contest. Scroll to the bottom of that page and click 2006 Quilt of Dreams St. Jude Collection. On the bottom of the page is the black and white filmstrip fabric and on the second page is the color.
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