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Fabulous price on BA CR67's downtown Vancouver

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I just picked up another pair of CR67's from a shop downtown, I got em for $195!!!! over 100$ off the canadian normal ($350).

Got them at commercial electronics, anyone in the vancouver area who wants a fantastic price on a fabulous set of bookshelves... wow at that price... (might I add these held their own when I A/B'd them to the Sonus Faber grand piano's (over6k) at "Hifi Center" downtown as well.... and in comparison were in another league of the monitor audio bookshelves that were also in the same room.

Highly encourage anyone looking at bookshelves to give these an audition.
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Wow, we must have pretty different tastes. I've sold both brands for years and you couldn't pay me to take a pair of boston's in comparison to sonus faber.
have you heard the CR67's? they stand quite appart from the rest of the bostons ive heard. In fact I dont fancy any other boston speaker really, other than the larger VR-3s which are nice but dont sound quite as good for music.

Also when I say held their own, I dont mean litterally, but there were definately some big similarities, the bostons having a more forward sound in the upper midrange and treble, not as pinpoint imaging, resolution and detail was almost identical though, as was upper bass definition and dynamics at low / med low volumes. Scale was obviously larger and the piano's definately had more body. but in terms of disappearing into the room and providing a wall of live presentation sound, the bostons did admirably. The dealer carried(Sonus Faber,B&W,REL,Monitor Audio ...and more no boston products though. throughout the A/b He said quote: "they are phenomenal little speakers". ;) I was there to audition the REL subs, with the bostons though mainly.
I guess I do just have a very different opinion. I"m not here to take away from your choice so i'm going to respectfully let this one go :) Either way, I would hope everyone gets as much out of their speaker purchase as you did :cool:
Indeed! And I don't think you'd be able to take anything away from my choice because I've auditioned every brand of speaker manufacturer within my area save for ID, and nothing compared except the Dalquists!

"i'm going to respectfully let this one go " Please dont! show me a speaker under a grand that outperforms this bookshelf for music in medium size room because I must audition it asap! :eek:

However this model seems to be the odd one out in the Boston company from what Ive heard so I can understand where you're coming from.. (I actually never liked boston acoustics before I heard this unit)

In any case,Myself - I don't care for the sound of the Higher end B&W's or JMLabs, in comparison to Sonus, or Martin logans. Its all a matter of taste and preferences. To someone else the B&W's or JM's are their bread and butter. In this case however I find the bostons offer much of the performance at the fraction of the cost. ;)

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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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