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False contouring problems on Samsung HL-R6768W


All - appreciate reading your comments on Samsung DLPs, so I'm hoping someone out there has the same set as mine (Samsung HL-R6768W ) DLP and can comment on horrible problems I'm having with "false contouring" and "oversaturation in fleshtones".

1. Do any of you who own or have calibrated Samsung HL-R6768W DLP sets see pretty consistent false contouring and oversaturation from any input source? (HDTV via HDMI, HD DVD + Xbox 360 via VGA @ 1080p)

2. If so, what can be done about it? (tweak internal settings, get external box, etc.) Are the chips in this 1 yr old set too slow? Will this improve over time?

3. I'm really visually picky, so am I going to just have to live with this, or will it get better over time like macroblocking once HD broadcasts get better comp/decomp?

Here's the background:

- Samsung HL-R6768W DLP purchased from Circuit City 32 days ago

- floor model, so heavily reduced price

- brand new Light Engine and Lamp, replaced two weeks ago

- not calibrated yet, but I can get into the service menu to tweak and that hasn't fixed thing substantially (but i'm not a pro either)

- HDTV via HDMI-HDMI @ 1080i, also have Component hooked up (same problems though)

- HD DVD + Xbox 360 via VGA @ 1080p

- Decent HDMI cable, no adapters or switching through Denon 1906

Thanks for an insight here. I'm going insane because some HD broadcasts are just stunning even with out of the box settings, but others are so bad because of false contouring, oversaturation and macroblocking I want to return the set (but I'm a few days over the 30 return period).

I know this model is a lemon parts-wise from all the owner posts on this forum about LEs needed to be replaced on a regular basis - but the price was so low I could deal with that if only I could figure out how to get a better picture.

M. Pell
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