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I love my Ampro 4000 but I realy wan´t it more quiet (and better airflow)

So I have loket at some fans to change my old fans in my proj. because the projector is about 10 years old( 1 800 h.) the fans which is in it now will not be as quiet or have the airflow of some new fans.

I have 3 fans in this projector.

Starting with the small 60*60 *25 fan which is located in the smps

the origanall one is a

NMB DC 2410ML 04w B30

31 db 19cfm and pressur of 0.16 inch-h20 ballbering

the replacement fans (all 60*60*25)

Power Cooler PS6025M

25dB 20.89CFM and pressur of 0.18 inch-h20 sleevbering

(this is my primary replacement choose right now)

Thermaltake F126025BH (TT-6025A-2B)

28db 21 cfm and pressur of 5.33 mm-h20 2 Ball Bearing

Now on to the two bigger ones in the chassie

this two is of 80*80* 25 typ

and it´s no sticker on them so can´t know exactly what brand and model

but by looking at other projector I have come to the conclusion that it´s a NMB fan of model DC 3110KL (some Marquee model use them and when it´s a nmb fan in the smps that not totaly unexpected that they use nmb fans at the bigger fans)

but don´t know what type 04w or 05w and if it´s a b20, b30 or b40

here is the spec for them all


b20 25 db 28cfm pressur 0.08 inch-h20

b30 28 db 32cfm pressur 0.10 inch-h20

b40 31 db 35cfm pressur 0.13 inch-h20

b50 34 db 39cfm pressur 0.15 inch-h20

the replacement fans

Thermaltake Smartfan A1214

temp control fan

27-39 db 46 - 53cfm 2 ball bering

on this I can take away the temp resistor and replace it with a regular resistor (or a trim pot)and have it going 27db 46 cfm all the time

Enermax UC-8FAB

speed regulated fan

14-32.6 db max 39.4CFM ball bering

Noiseblocker UltraSilentFan S3
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