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My PT-L500U has developed an intermittent fan noise after 14mo of use. Thankfully I have the projector in a ceiling mounted box so most of the time the noise cannot be heard from the seating position. Still, best attack the problem before it becomes serious...

After opening up the projector I've discovered there are two fans. One appears to be a 60mm fan and the other a 80mm fan. Here are the model specs:


- model 2406GL-04W-B49 [T03]

- 12V DC, 0.15A

- DC Brushless Fan Motor Minebea Co Ltd


- model 2810KL-04W-B49 [E02]

- 12V DC, 0.20A

- DC Brushless Minebea Co Ltd

The easy solution of course is to order new fans from a panasonic service center and pop them in. But why settle for stock when so many other possibilities exist? :) Has anyone considered replacing the L500U fans with low noise versions?

Seeing as the noise is coming from the 60mm fan I decided to research that fan first. As no direct model match was found for the 60mm fan I'm assuming it was a custom build for panasonic.

The closest I could find to match the 60mm fan was 2406GL-04W-B30 or -B40. The B30 seems to match closer on the electrical specs with a rated voltage of 12V, operating voltage of 10.5V - 13.8V and 0.14A. The B30 is speced at 3800rpm, 15CFM, and 30db. The B40 also has a rated voltage of 12V but an operating voltage of 9.0V - 13.8V, 0.17A, and runs at 4300rpm, 17CFM and 33db. Assuming the -B49 version found in the projector is similar to one of these it's no wonder the fans are audible at high lamp/fan mode!

So, with the goal of providing near silent (20-25db range) operation on high lamp mode without significantly reducing the CFM of each fan, has anyone found quality replacement fans for the L500U?

On a related note, I did try to 'repair' the fan using good old WD40. That is to say:

1) Remove fan from projector

2) Peel off paper fan label to expose the bearings

3) Apply WD40 using directed spray and cotton swabs

4) Spin the fan using a hair dryer to blow air over the blades

5) Clean up any excess and recover bushings using trimmed mailing label

6) Install back into projector

Unfortunately this didn't solve the problem for me. I was also dismayed to learn that the projector will not run with the bulb not installed. I was hoping it would to further assist in narrowing down the fan noise and providing a nice test environment for additional lubrication. No such luck.
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