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Fan or Color Wheel Samsung DLP

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My HLP6163 makes a whirring sound that has become more annoying. This noise seems to persist for several seconds after I turn the set off and then ramps down. Could this be the color wheel or is it a fan? What level of whirring is inherent with these sets? In other words if I call a tech for service will I be told this is normal and to live with it? If not then what part should I target for replacement? Thanks.
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More than likely, it's the color wheel. Samsung replaced some circuit boards in my set to help with the sound sync problem, and while the tech was here, I asked a few questions regarding that very subject. There are something like 4 fans going in there to disipate the heat. However, they're all very quiet, and it's the color wheel that makes most of the noise. That's why, when you turn it off, that sound stops shortly after the shut down, but you can still hear other noises coming from the fans until the set has completely cooled down.

I can hear the color wheel at anytime the soundtrack is silent, or if the sets on, but nothing is playing. At first I thought it was going to be a problem, but I very quickly found that I didn't notice it unless I listened specifically for it. Most of the time there's some kind of soundtrack, voices, music, etc. going so you can't hear it. I think we all have different tolerances for this kind of thing. You'll have to judge for yourself if you can live with it.


PS the circuit board replacement seemed to fix some of the sound sync problems, but not all of them. Also, some of them are source related, so I can't expect the set to fix those.
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I have the same problem. Brand new Samsung HLP4663W that makes a high pitch noise when the set is on. I am hoping that it settles down soon.
Originally posted by hunters
This noise seems to persist for several seconds after I turn the set off and then ramps down.
At power down the color wheel stops spinning but the fans keep going for at least 20-30 seconds so it sounds like it's one of your fans.

If you can hear it from your normal seating location during quiet passages of programs then there shouldn't be a problem getting it fixed. If you only hear it up close when the sound is muted then they may not be willing to fix it.

There have been a lot of faulty fans and color wheels replaced so you should be fine.
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