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After reading all the posts on fan noise. I decided to order a fan through a Hitachi Certified repair shop.

As stated in posts the following is absolutely correct concerning this fan:

Part number: GS00822 (this is a Hitachi part number)

Manufacturer: Minebea Co, Ltd (Made in China)

Specs written on Fan: Dc, 5v, .10a

This is a brushless fan (no bearings). This fan is small in size 1"x1.5"

Fan Location: Inside the metal Antenna C DTV box. (Located upper right

side). 3 leads (red, white, black).

I decided to dive in and change this fan myself to try and improve the whine I hear with my 51S700. First thing I will let you know is the new fan I ordered is exactly the same as the fan I found in the unit and replaced. No difference, so Hitachi has not updated these. Hence, they do not see this as a problem.

The other thing you should know is that the whine we all hear WILL be normal considering they are using a very small fan, turning at a very fast speed and it is BRUSHLESS. These will cause any fan to make noise.

The reason I wanted to replace mine was to see if the noise lessoned any at all. I have to tell you that I may have noticed a little less noise but not much.

I have electronics training in my background (navy days). I felt very comfortable diving into this set. I would not recommend this to anyone who does not remotely have a clue of what they are taking apart or touching as this is not an easy procedure to change this fan.

Short version of what I did to replace fan (2 hours);

1. Removed back and all the screws

2. Removed all video/audio connections to plastic back panel

3. Removed at least 5-7 screws holding plastic back panel in place

4. Removed brown and *********** connector

5. Removed ribbon cable connecting small PS board and main board

6. Removed right side section of DTV Antenna C module to get at fan.

This is extremely tedious and quite easy to break something.

7. Fan was mounted at an angle. I have read posts on placing this

vertical vs. at an angle. Did both and it does not matter.

Bottom Line: Good advice for everyone. There is a fan for Antenna C DTV. The fan is small, brushless and VERY difficult to replace. Recommend you live with it because replacement does not gain you anything.

There are many pictures of general fan location. Just type in location fan as a search and they will find you.

Hope this helps and puts to an end what, why and how. This is still one great looking rear projection unit.
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