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Fantasy Projector Poll

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For this exercise you will be acquiring a new projector for your Home Theater and it will be LCOS based technology. The current image will be comparible to the current SXGA D-ILA. And there is now longer an audible fan involved with this new projector.

You may choose ONE IMPROVEMENT to the projector before it is shipped to you. What would it be?
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Of course image quality was high on my list, but the current image quality is so good right now on the SXGA D-ilas I figured there may be other areas of interest too.

post some remarks if you want.
If we are wishing, I want a personal Holodeck.

I always have ever since I was a kid.

For the short term, I could live with "just" perfect 3D imagery and sound in 360 degrees, and later update to tactal/sensory feedback. ;)

Of course having something to play on the device in a must, and I understand that viewing current and past movies would be limited to the film source resolution, but we all have to make compromises. :D

This poll is a slam dunk in this group. We'd sell our own mothers for a perfect image. Why bother to list the alternatives?

I'm sure glad I'm not obsessed like the rest of you.


I personally can picture myself saying "projector, this movie sucks, switch to input 2 and turn to HDnet. The Hawiian Tropics beauty pagent is on!"..."and make that in 3D"
"projector, this movie sucks, switch to input 2 and turn to HDnet. The Hawiian Tropics beauty pagent is on!"..."and make that in 3D"
That sounds more like a speech recognition add on for Dilard... :cool:

Heck, that can already be done!

You can pick up a copy of "Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional" at your local CompuGeek store. It can send voice commands to any application you wish (even Dilard, and by extension, the projector).

Now, the microphone headset may not be anyone's idea of chic "home-theater-wear", but it does the job quite nicely. This isn't your father's speech recognition, either :)D). It's come quite a long way in the last few years.

I use Dragon quite a bit, but do admit that it's more than a tad geeky, and probably not the choice way to watch the Hawiian Tropics beauty pagent.

I'm already working on the patent for this technology, since I know that's where you're going after you finish the shading wizard. :cool:

But first I nead to fight this

Bill is trying to strong arm me out of my one's and zero's patent.'
At this point is seams that only 2 out of 50 people are interested in gettting a FREE SXGA D-ILA type projector!?!

Are we all too idealistic in thinking that the Perfect Picture is acheivable? Or are most AVS forum member just never satisfied?

As far as I'm concerned my D-ILA picture is perfect. I suspect most of those that voted for perfect picture are LT-150 owners. :)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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