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Faroudja factor: what does it enhance?

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Hi guys,

Yes , another newbie poster. I have searched this forum as well as the uk's avforums.com and have only found limited info, but please excuse this if I'm revisting covered territory.

I just bought a infocus X1A and have since been thinking of upgrading to the X1 (assuming I can find one). I have read several opinions that say the faroudja chip enhances 480i and 576i . What I'm still foggy on is , what equipment would this entail? Would my PS2 gain from this (and would I need a s-video adapter?)? My digital cable (running thru S-video)?? Or would it only enhance my dvd component output, running thru the svga adapter? (I've read this is the only way to access the faroudja benefits for non-computer signals...)

I am probably jumping into projection too quickly , as I can only afford an X2 at best. Maybe I should go back to normal hdtv monitors for now? (since it seems to acheive better than std PQ, it would take more than my $1200 budget.

Thanks in advance for your time and expertise. You guys rock.

kaftek {JVC std dvd, PS2, digital cable, basic older standing screen, 32" trintron}
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Anything 480i (not sure about 576i) going into the x1 through composite, svideo, or component (via svideo adapter) will be processed by the faroudja chip. The projector will only accept 480p and up signals through component through the component to svga adapter (it will not accept 480i AFAIK), thus the faroujda will not be in use.

The x1 was also released as the Infocus Screenplay 4800 in case you have a hard time finding the original x1.
DVD manufacturers use this chip to enhance macroblocking, apparently.
Thanks, I guess I'll stick with component cables then and return my x1a for the x1 or 4800.

It seems that ps2 is usually only 480i at best and same with dvd's (w/o upscalers and such) , so I guess I'll run everything component except the cable box (s-video) into a video switcher of some sorts.

If you have digital cable, I know that some cable companies will upgrade your digital cable box to an HD capable one for free (I know time warner does). If you can get an HD box, you can use component out from the box into component to svga adapter into the x1 and get hdtv that way.
The DCDi chip in the X1 definitely enhances the picture quality for composite and S-Video input. I would assume that it would also improve 480i in the component/VGA input, but the improvement is much more dramatic with the others. I believe this is due to superior scaling.

There are two things taking place with composite and S-Video imput. Deinterlacing (line doubling) and scaling. The input signal has to be scaled to the native resolution of the projector. Assuming that you have a GOOD composite video source, you're going to get about 220 lines of resolution....this has to be scaled up to the 600 lines of resolution of your SVGA projector. The X1's scaler is much better than anything else at that price point....heck, it's better than most everything at twice the price. (and that is why Infocus has discontinued it!)


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