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Faroudja rules!! S97 vs NS75H

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I was experiencing some out of sync problems with my Panasonic S97 and my Sony XBR4 46" display. I was finding a substitute (non Faroudja one) but was afraid that the picture could not be as good as the S97 one. So, after trying the PS3 dvd players pq which is awful I bought a Sony DVP-NS75H and let me tell you, nothing beats the pq of the S97. I guess is just the Faroudja chip working but I can really confirm that is a night and day difference. The DVD Benchmark at hometheaterhifi.com was right on track giving the S97 a 91 score. I didn't expect to find such a big difference but it really exists, the S97 is one of the best dvd players out there! I returned the Sony the next day.
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As long as you don't get macroblocking (very display dependent), the Faroudja was a great chip. I love my Denon 3910 and wouldn't trade it for any upscaling player.
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