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fast and high-quality DVD recompression tool

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SolveigMM MPEG2 Requantizer Component is an engine designed for a fast and high-quality recompression of MPEG-2 high bitrates video.

The component has been implemented as DirectShow filter. One of its main purposes is a fast DVD back up.

The demo application inputs are MPEG-2 Video Elementary Stream, MPEG-2 Program Stream, DVD VOB files.

It splits video/audio streams, recompresses MPEG-2 VES in concordance with the set compression ratio and writes audio/video streams to respective files.

Audio streams are dumped as is, without recompression.

Total audio/video output files size is approximate size of MPEG-2 or VOB file containing these streams after multiplexing.

Such one can estimate potential VOB size decrease.
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New version 1.1 is available

It accepts advanced parameters:

- a unique compression rate for each picture type I,P,B

- amount of macroblock DCT coefficients to be discarded

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