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fast enough 4 ffdshow?

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hi guys,

My pc works again yesterday after use some thermal componunt.

However, when it runs zoom player pro + ffdshow. It runs very un-smooth. I don't know why. I tried uncheck all the filter but it does works.

So, I uninstall the zoom player and ffdshow and dl the latest version. However, it still don't run very smooth when I use VMR9.

How can I fixed it?

Is it NVDVD codes is the best now? Should I replace it with my win DVD 6 codes?

Is theater trek 2.0 runs a lot better?

Finally, what is the best filter setting for my confi for ffdshow?

any tips is very much appreciated.

Thx in advance.
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I don't know your exact problem / configuration but I could not get smooth playing with ZP + WINDVD6 + VMR9 + ffdshow until turning on FAST WRITES on ATI CARD (AIW 9800 PRO + Intel 3.2E + 512MB RAM).

I use the Omega Drivers for ATI Radeon ( http://www.omegadrivers.net/ ) where you turn on FAST WRITES when installing the driver.

Hope it helps
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