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Favorite animal scene or movie with animals

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We've been all over favorite actors and movies so I thought maybe we could give the animals some nods.It can be live action,cgi,puppets,or animated.

While I know it's not the best movie I still love Clyde in Every Which Way But Loose."Right turn,Clyde".That orangutan has one mean punch.
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Babe the pig deserves a nod, although I'm not sure what scene should be highlighted. "That'll do, pig."
ALL the animals in BABE: PIG IN THE CITY. This movie is psychedelic. Amazing.
George of the Jungle

An elephant as a Dog, and John Cleese as a Gorilla is truely ridiculous, but fun.

Seabiscuit! What an inspiration for the little guy.
I was going to say the wildebeest sequence in "Debbie Does The Zoo" - but thought that would be in bad taste - so I decided not to.
I love the Jack Russell terrier in "Mask". The scene where the he helps one of the characters break out of prison is hysterical.
DVD-A with The Beach Boys and their "Pet Sounds Live" cover, Pet Sounds was once a valuable cover to own, I sold it at my fleamarket stand in wind Gap, PA for $125 since the album was pristine and the record was nearly mint. Since I could 'walk' it meant it had to be before June 9, 1985.
I like the Yellow Lab from the film Far From Home - The Adventures Of Yellow Dog . Stupid frickin' movie...I always get dust in my eyes when I watch it. Looks like my yellow lab, Chance.

I always get dust in my eyes when I watch it. Looks like my yellow lab, Chance.
He looks too much like my yellow lab, Dutch, that died 3 years ago from cancer. Can't watch that one anymore.
Almost forgot Doctor Doolittle 2.Terrible movie but did enjoy the monkey with the drinking problem and the mafia boss beaver.
Dream sequence in ' Snow Dogs ' where Cuba is talking to the dogs whilst they are sitting in their deck chairs drinking pinacolada, well I would be on a beach like that!

The Teddy Bear in Artificial Intelligence is my favorite. He didn't have a lot of minutes screen time, but was just adorable, loyal, and wise. A few people I know wish there had been more of him in the film.
The Teddy Bear in Artificial Intelligence
That just reminded me of another favorite.The daggit in Battlestar Galactica.
The German Shepards that were morphed into alien creatures in "The Thing" 1982 Remake with Kurt Russell- One of the top special effect Sci Fi stuff of all time.
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