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Favorite Plasma/LCD Dealers

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My intent of this thread is to gain a list of 'great', 'will definately do business with them again and again' Plasma/LCD dealers across the country.


- Dealer must have a website, which has a contact via email and toll-free phone.

- Dealer must have good record of quick response to their email/phone customers.

- Dealer must have at least 2+ years sales & services with an very good customer satisfaction track record and an excellent rating with the BBB & BizRate.com [95% or higher excellence rating w/ less than 5% complaints]

- Posting persons can not be TV dealer, nor employed by the same dealer they are recommending [no sale pitches please]. If discovered to be a dealer, et. Al. and advertising here, you will be blacklisted and reported. It is also against policy advertise on the AVS Forums anyway.

- Dealer has a fair to an outstanding return policy [i.e. customer satisfaction guaranty]

- Dealer offers product information, secure shopping cart & order tracking from warehouse to front door delivery.

- Dealer must be in the United States or ships to United States resident customers.

- Dealers which also have Brick & Mortar showrooms are preferred, since they offer their customers a hands-on product demonstrations in their showrooms, but this is not mandatory to qualify for listing them as a quality A/V shop. [Quality refers not just to products offered, but also refers to very high customer satisfaction ratings]
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While you we busy laying out a bunch of rules you forgot that you were violating one of the forum rules with your post:

"6) Do Not Discus where to buy a TV."

Sounds like you will have to blacklist and report yourself as you have suggested reporting others
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I believe this thread is in good spirit of what this forum all about and should serve as a resource of known good vendors to do business with, while encouraging those who are not making the list to strive to do a better job [rise to meet customer expectations of what a good dealer should be]

This thread could also include a list of qualities and/or features which the buying public look for in a quality reputable dealer too.
Actually the thread is against the spirit and intention of the board. There are sponsors here that pay money to advertise their services. When you post this kind of thread you are impeding on their ability to sell products which is why they advertise and pay this forum money. So, it's not within the spirit of the board. That's why there is a forum rule against what you have done. The owners of this board know why they created the rule and the sponsors here are too polite to tell you.
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........There for to answer your question, the venders on the top of your web page and on the bottom of the web page all have good track records
Another sourse to check your vender out is www.resellerratings.com
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Makes sense. I was unaware of paid sponsors. That does lead me to ask the question: Can anyone be a paid sponsor or does AVS qualify who they allow before accepting their sponsorship? Meaning are there specific standards in place that a sponsor must qualify/comply with before AVS accepts their sponsorship? Nevermind, I found the link for sponsorship, which basically allows for anyone who pays can post their ad. I was kinda hoping their was a minimum standard in place though.

Cleveland, thanks for the ratings URL too.
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