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The list of pre-qualified stations has also been expanded. The revised list also shows which stations have expressed interest in participating:


For the LA area, KCBS/2 and KTBN/40 have been added, but looking at my other location (Mystic, CT), it appears there will still be no nightlights readily available as Providence is not listed and WFSB/3 out of Hartford is not something I can receive, except for "hints" of a signal.

The press release is available here, with additional links available on the FCC home page.


Washington, DC – The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) today announced it has implemented the Short-term Analog Flash and Emergency Readiness Act (“Analog Nightlight Act” or “Act”). The Act, enacted on December 23, 2008, required the Commission to develop and implement a program by January 15, 2009, to encourage and permit continued analog TV service for 30 days after the February 17, 2009 DTV transition date to provide public safety information and DTV transition information for any viewers who do not have the necessary equipment to receive digital broadcasts by the transition deadline.

This action is designed to aid consumers who are not able to receive digital signals after the DTV transition on February 17, 2009, to provide them with access to emergency information. This action is also intended to help consumers understand the steps they need to take in order to restore their television service.

The FCC Order lists 826 stations that are eligible to broadcast emergency and transition information in analog after the statutory digital transition on February 17, 2009. Stations’ participation is voluntary, but the Order encourages stations to participate by adopting streamlined procedures and maximum flexibility for participating broadcasters.
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