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FCC to Propose Penalties for TV Stations that Missed DTV Deadline

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DTV malingerers face penalties

Source: Broadcasting & Cable -- 5/13/2002 12:30:00 PM

At its meeting this week, the Federal Communications Commission will propose a plan for sanctioning television stations that can't justify missing the May 1 digital-television deadline.

Those sanctions can include fines or even license revocation.

More than two-thirds of the country's 1,300 commercial stations didn’t meet the target. Of those, 525 have been granted six-month waivers.

Another 324 stations have been asked for more information, but most are expected to get waivers once they spell out their efforts and provide timetables for service.

The FCC is also expected to extend waivers to the handful of stations in top 30 markets that haven't launched digital TV due to zoning disputes and other problems. Those were to have gone digital Nov. 1, 1999.
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fine them for low signal output too.. thats not on the air.
Originally posted by Dave Teasdale
fine them for low signal output too.. thats not on the air.
Hmm... so 1300 stations, minus one-third that's on the air, minus 525 that have waivers, minus 324 that will probably get waivers, is 22.

So out of all those stations that aren't on the air yet, 22 might have the chance of getting fined? That sounds appropriately watered down for the FCC.
... and those 22 stations will probably all be independently owned stations in bustling metropolises such as Bend, OR, Bozeman, MT, Laramie, WY...

In other words, safe targets.
Put them out of business....that'll get DTV on the air! Duh!
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