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This story ran on the Reuters newswire this afternoon. Anyone recognize themselves in this story?...

NEW ORLEANS, May 7 (Reuters) - Federal Communications

Commission Chairman Michael Powell, the son of Secretary of State Colin Powell,

speaking at the annual cable industry convention, had cable executives roaring

with laughter on Tuesday by describing a new kind of male envy sweeping through consumer electronics stores in America.

"When I go to Circuit City, nobody is over there staring at

the 13-inch black and white" televisions, Powell said at a

breakfast of cable executives attending the National Cable &

Telecommunications Association annual conference.

"They're all in the that little dark room with the big ones,

and if they're not buying it, they're wishing they could buy it,"

he said to chuckles.

"Every man in this room knows the TV envy thing. Sixty two

inches hunh?" Powell said to laughter. Later, he confessed to

reporters that the largest television in his household was only

36 inches.
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