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Feature Req: Default soft padding

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Great idea. It also would pad programs recorded from theme channels, something the current software can't do.
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Here's a thought...

Since 98% of the programs everyone records carry ratings metadata in the first 15 seconds by law so that V-chips and other fun-blocking mechanisms can automatically do their thing (actually within the first frame, I think) why can't Replay (or TIVO/Dishplayer) take advantage of that to help solve this problem?

For instance: You've set a timed recording for "Friends" (which is notorious for starting early) at 8 PM. If Replay isn't recording anything just before 8 PM why not have it go to that channel two minutes early but not begin recording until it either sees the ratings metadata or it becomes 8 PM straight up. If the show starts early (or late) Replay would know it because the start of the program is where that metadata lives (I think. Anyone know different?) That way you would only miss the first 3 or 4 seconds if a program actually began early. Also if a program began two minutes late (and there were no scheduled recordings just after) Replay would know that from when it first sees the ratings data and could record until 30 or 60 minutes from that point (or until it sees new data from the next program) so that the end credits aren't clipped off.

If this would work I think it would be a terrific feature, and the very able software engineers at Replay should be able to code that into the operating system pretty easily, I would think.

Now if we can just get all of the program suppliers to provide an in and an out tag hidden in the metadata with the actual ID of the program in it we could solve the problem of baseball games running long or "Politically Incorrect" starting 25 minutes late whenever the braintrust at ABC gets a hard-on for breaking news.

Does this sound like it would work?

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Hey ReplayGuys:

The hard padding added in 3.0 is great for situations where one knows ahead of time that padding will be needed, but it can't help in surprise situations.

What I'd like to ask about is a default setting (like default record quality) that would cause ALL recordings to start 'x' minutes early or end 'y' minutes late. This "soft" padding would not take place if any other recording would otherwise occur at the timeslot change. It would also be overridden by the hard pad settings we have now.

Hmmm... interesting. A global padding choice. Not a bad idea, especially if you have two units (or a future-twotuner model :smirk http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif so that you don't lose other shows.
You'd never lose any shows with what I described. If another recording is scheduled, the padding simply wouldn't be recorded.

Oh, and there wouldn't be any red underbars in the Channel Guide either. No point in that since it would be a default setting and wouldn't affect any surrounding recordings anyway.
I, as everyone I surmise, have been burned by the networks "padding" of shows. They never start or end when they should. This hurts all DVR users, really. Is automatic padding the answer? I don't know. I think the best solution is a two-tuner setup where every show is padded 4 min at both the beginning and the end, and the 2nd tuner picks up if a conflict is created.

This is another plug for two-unit logic. The 2nd unit could serve as a failsafe, recording whatever the 1st unit can't.

this is the best idea i've ever heard! http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/icons/icon3.gif

also, it would be great if the replay actually started recording the show leading up to 8:00/metadata, then prepended the 30 seconds before the metadata signal, or however many seconds would be a good buffer.

And as long as we're detecting the metadata we could also create

a signature for the first 30 seconds after the metadata so that if

it starts recording a show that it already recorded (the show has the same or similar signature and the show name is the same in

the Replay guide) it will stop recording and delete it.

This way it can detect repeated programs by comparing actual video

content from the first 30 seconds of the show with the other shows

that have already been recorded in the same Replay channel.

I know, this problem could be solved with more accurate program guide

information, but we probably wont be getting that any time soon.


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