Punxsutawney Phil predicted six more weeks of winter at the beginning of February, so what better time to hunker down in a fabulous home theater—or at least dream of one? As always, thanks to Anthem AV for sponsoring these articles. We encourage you to show some love and check out their amazing products at www.anthemav.com.

For Home Theater of the Month, I normally look for rooms that didn't exact an exorbitant expense, thus becoming a model for what many enthusiasts might achieve in their own homes. But once in a while, it's fun to drool over something so expensive and outrageous that very few people can ever hope to come close.

Map Rectangle Schematic Font Parallel

This amazing theater started with a detailed plan.

Such is the case this month. When Charlie Dyess (@CharlesEdwin) decided to build a new home in Woodworth, LA, in 2021, he wanted something really special for the home theater. "In the past 23 years, I've had multiple home theaters that have always been DIY with equipment from box stores. When planning this theater, I knew the size was going to make it complicated. I became a member of AVS Forum about three years ago and started researching acoustics, projection, room dimensions, and soundproofing."

Furniture Chair Wood Tints and shades Flooring

The framing consists of 2x6 studs forming a huge room.

Wood Ladder Building Flooring Ceiling

The walls are punctuated with Versa-Lam LVL (laminated veneer lumber) beams.

"After much research and consideration, the home theater was designed in collaboration with the architect. The dimensions of the room and the levels of seating were planned from the beginning, but the Star Wars theme came into the design process after visiting Galaxy's Edge [a Star Wars-themed section of Disney World in Orlando, FL]."

Wood Floor Hardwood Flooring Beam

The many Star Wars finishing panels are made from 3/4-inch MDF.

Window Automotive design Engineering Recreation Electronic device

(L-R) Jeff Burns (architect), Jeffery Hines (lead construction assistant), and Dale Johnson (Pro-Touch Painting) work on a greeblie control panel.

Wood Tradesman Engineering Gas Composite material

Randy Ryans had fun building the Emperor's throne.

One of Charlie's primary goals was soundproofing. The floor is a 6-inch matte-concrete slab with 3x3-foot footings and heavy rebar. The framing uses 2x6 studs, and the gaps are filled with hand-packed cellulose.

Floor Engineering Flooring Automotive design Building

The theater is starting to take shape.

Next is a layer of Acoustiblok Blok32 1/4-inch viscoelastic polymer covering the walls and ceiling (over 3000 square feet in total!). This material is a patented type of mass-loaded vinyl—without the obnoxious outgassing typical of most vinyls—that converts acoustic energy to friction/mechanical energy. Finally, 3/4-inch MDF (medium-density fiberboard) was used to create all the Star Wars panels and faux windows that adorn the entire theater.

Rectangle Grey Wood Font Gas

Three Wisdom Sage Cinema Line 3 line arrays serve as the front LCR speakers, flanked by two Wisdom STS subwoofers.

Charlie contracted Atlanta Home Theater to do the audio/video design and installation. "They designed the speaker layout, riser heights and widths, the number of channels to fill the room with Dolby Atmos, and the projection system."

Blue Purple Hat Window Engineering

A technician from Atlanta Home Theater installs one of the surround speakers.

Eyewear Automotive design T-shirt Machine Event

Two more AHT technicians install the electronics.

"I focused heavily on soundproofing, while my son, Chase, and I focused on the Star Wars design. All Star Wars panels, Emperor's windows and throne, Star Wars greeblies, Arduino electronics, and fiber optics were created by me and my team." I had never heard of the term "greeblies" before; they are small technical-looking doodads on larger objects to make them appear more complex while implying some sort of scientific functionality.

Musician Audio equipment Public address system Music Electronic instrument

Dwayne Davis was called in to calibrate the video.

Human Purple Automotive design Luggage and bags Flash photography

Chuck Gerlack calibrated the audio with Thomas Lobo of Atlanta Home Theater looking on.

Once everything was in place, Atlanta Home Theater brought in Dwayne Davis (@D-Nice) to calibrate the video and Chuck Gerlack (@audioguy) to calibrate the audio. "Maintaining 100-percent integrity in the decorations meant we had to sacrifice wall diffusion. However, the Star Wars panels are 3/4-inch thick with multiple elevations, and in conjunction with the Trinnov Altitude 32 room correction, everyone was well pleased. Chuck Gerlack even said that the Star Wars panels act as gigantic diffusion panels."

Machine Technology Engineering Electric blue Event

The finished theater is astounding. (Photo by Elliott Racca)

Among the many unique aspects of this incredible home theater is a full-size, fully operational Emperor's throne just like the one in Return of the Jedi and a one-touch airlock door. According to Charlie, "One of the greatest moments was when the Emperor's window was cut out and sanded. Another was the first time the primer gray was sprayed on everything in the room. Also, watching Atlanta Home Theater bring in and install all the equipment."

Bus Machine Automotive lighting Control panel Motor vehicle

This control panel is full of greeblies that look like they do something but actually don't. (Photo by Elliott Racca)

Disk array Electricity Electrical wiring Rectangle Server

The back of the equipment rack reveals beautifully dressed cabling.

It should come as no surprise that Charlie named his magnificent room the Star Wars Imperial Theater. "The name was chosen for obvious reasons—a love of all things Star Wars!" Duh...

Purple Fixture Interior design Line Gas

The view from the screen back into the theater is most impressive. (Photo by Elliott Racca)

Blue Purple Automotive design Automotive lighting Magenta

The custom-made Emperor's throne is fully operational with controls in the arms. (Photo by Elliott Racca)

As you might expect, this is not an inexpensive build. So, how much? Charlie estimates the total cost at around $1 million! As I said at the top, sometimes it's fun to see a money-no-object project that's light-years beyond anything but a dream for most folks. Charlie's home-theater dream is now a reality in a galaxy not so far, far away. Clearly, the Force is strong in this one...

Gas Automotive design Symmetry Event Building

Time to binge George Lucas' epic saga. (Photo by Elliott Racca)

Charlie did not create a build thread for his amazing home theater. Opening photo by Elliott Racca.

If you'd like your home theater considered for HT of the Month, send an email to [email protected] with a few photos, a brief description, and a link to your build thread if available.



Kaleidescape Strato C movie player with Terra server (6 TB)
Apple TV 4K streamer
Sony UBP-X800 UHD Blu-ray player

AV Electronics

Trinnov Altitude 32 preamp/processor
ATI AT543NC 3-channel power amps (2, biamping LCRs)
ATI AT528NC 8-channel power amps (2, surrounds & overheads)
Ascendo DSP4-10K4 power amps (2, subwoofers)
MadVR Envy Extreme video processor


Sony VPL-GTZ380
Paladin DCR+XM2 anamorphic lens (permanently in place)


Seymour-Screen Excellence Enlightor-Neo material in Reference fixed frame (2.37:1, 260" diagonal, 1.0 gain, woven acoustically transparent)


Wisdom Sage Cinema Line 3 (3, LCR)
Wisdom L8i (8, side & rear surrounds)
Wisdom P2i (6, overheads)
Wisdom STS (2, subwoofers)


Cleerline SSF-48UHD-AOC-15M 50' 8K HDMI


Control 4

Power Conditioning

TrippLite SU20KRT-1TF UPS

Acoustic Treatments



Palliser Catalina (12)
Custom Emperor's Throne

Room Dimensions

35' x 24' x 16' (LxWxH)

Seating Distances (from the center of each row to the screen)

14' (first row)
20' (second row)
28' (third row)