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Feedback on Denon Receivers?

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I'm considering a Denon 788, 888 or 988. I understand each model is a step up from the former. Are people having brightness issues with any of these models?

I've had the Yamaha 661 since Jan 08 and now I want to get a new receiver. What began as a minor complaint has completely derailed my faith in the Yamaha brand...as least for now. The unit muddles audio and dialogue from center channel on about 50% of the material we watch. (Seems to be mostly prevalent in 5.1, or higher, sources.

After reading some recent reviews of new Yamaha receivers (Home Theater) and checking out relatively recent posts on Yamaha receivers, including 661 and newer x63 models, I'm not alone on the matter. People seem to be in a continuous tug of war with the volume on these receivers. Throughout about 50% of the programming material you have to keep turning it up to hear and understand dialogue. Unfortunately you are forced to turn the volume down moments later just before music or other non-dialogue audio from the program "shreeks" through the room shaving years off your life, lol.

NOTE: I'm sure some people are not having issues with their Yamaha's. That's great. Wish I was part of that crowd. I even purchased new speakers. Nothing works.
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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