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This weekend, I spent time researching all sorts of media cabinet equipment and I took a crack at designing my own. I'm meeting with a designer next week and I'd like the community's feedback and ideas before then.

The backstory: I moved into my house 2 years ago and the basement was the logical place to put the home theater (see the first photo for reference - previous owner's set up). The bookcase to the left of the TV is a door to the mechanicals room. To the left of that is a cabinet for a fish tank, which I'm converting to a media cabinet. Attached are my amateur drawings (to scale). Actual dimensions of space: 36-11/32” W x 76-17/32” H x 25-29/32” D

The intake and exhaust fans I'd like to use are Cloudplate T7-N and Airplane S7, respectively.

Thanks in advance!


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