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I've narrowed down my choices to the following speakers?

Phase Technology (bookshelf or small tower in the Velocity series)

NHT Super Zero 2 with sub woofer that is recommended by NHT

Jamo C 603 bookshelf

Fluance SV series bookshelf or tower

Quick background. Need something to tide me over for a year or two. I have a Qinpu A 3 hybrid tube/solid state integrated amp. 8.5 watts per channel. This is an 8 ohm amp. It easily drives my Mirage OM 10 towers but I had to box them up because I have a rogue pet that has started to jump on them. Can't use them for a year or two until I buy a suitable house and can build a dedicated, pet free listening room. In the meantime I need something that I can use from the list that I created for a second system that will ultimately go into my living room. Will likely add Definitive Tech BP 6 or BP 10 speakers in the future.

I've done some research and received some recommendations that led to the list above. I prefer a neutral sounding speaker that is not too heavy on bass. A slightly warm speaker is fine as long as it is essentially neutral sounding. I want to avoid the listening fatigue that is associated with Klipsch style speakers. In other words those that have a harsh high end.

Based upon what I have read all of the above should satisfy the criteria I've mentioned. And all the bookshelf speakers and some of the towers that are not completely covered by a grill or sock should deter the pet from jumping on the speaker.

Any recommendations especially from users of any speakers in this list will be appreciated. The amp is persnickity and won't work properly with a bass heavy speaker or design.
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