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Hi all,

My planned build consists of an OpenAir Cinema inflatable screen. I need to figure out which size between 9x5, 12x7 and 16x9. Optoma EH415 or EH500, Bose landscape inground speakers and a Sonos Amp. Feel free to suggest alternatives and question my choices. I'm looking for the collective wisdom of the forum members.

Screen: OAC seems to be of higher quality than Gemmy but I don't have any experience with either. 12x7 seems like it would be too large... It seems as though no one has the 9x5 screen or anything in that smaller range and that most go even bigger to the 16 size... I'm having trouble gauging just how big it would be. I have a 70" Sharp flat panel and a 103" screen innovations in our basement.

Option 1 = $599 9x5 (123" diagonal) OAC

Option 2 = $899 12x7 (166" diagonal) OAC

Option 3 = $1,123 16x9 (220" diagonal) OAC

Projector: I looked for high lumen projectors and found these for reasonable prices. I listed the contrast ration because I thought it was important (maybe that's for indoors only)... I'm not married to either of these models if there is something better in the same general price range.

Option 1 = $1,160 Optoma EH415 4200 Lumen 12,000:1 contrast

Option 2 = $1,300 Optoma EH500 4700 Lumen 10,000:1 contrast

Speakers: I think I'm going to install the Bose landscape in ground speakers around the pool. I was going to just go with a pair of these but am thinking of adding a second pair to support the back yard theater.

$449 (x2) Bose Free Space 51 In-Ground Landscape speakers

Amp: Sonos Amp to drive the speakers plus iOS control, streaming music and audio from AppleTV or direct connection from Blue Ray or DVD to amp.
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