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Feeding a large ported RL-P15 1400w???

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With a design of 8.5cf and a tune of 17hz what are your thoughts of giving an RL-P15 D2 1400w? I ask because I have been using an EP1500 with this design but only sending it 450w at 4 ohms. In winsid the graph looks a little scary reaching xmax at about 28hz, but I see others being recommend to go with this wattage instead of the 450w. So what are your thoughts on doing this and how dangerous is this?
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My simulation shows it staying below the Xmax even with full 1400W. Max 24.48mm @ ~24 Hz. And do remember that Xmax is not the mechanical limit. Xmech will be more than 30mm.
You have to remember that the driver will most likely never actually see 1400W.
Any more opinions on this? Would you do it with this design if it were you?
The EP1500 doesent even realy put out 1400w in bridge mode when used to cover the 80hz - 20hz anyways right? Like in the manual is says for stereo mode the ep1500 puts out 450w @ 1 kHz 0.1% THD and 400w @ 20khz-20hz so it should be less than 1400w anyways right? Does anyone know what the wattage is for bridge mode at 20khz-20hz @ 0.1% THD is?
The lowest cost amp that I would use is EP2500 in bridged mode @ 4ohms.

Amplifier performance will be different in the real world vs. published specification.
EP2500 is claimed to be a clone of QSC RMX2450. Tapco Juice J-2500 is said to

also be a clone of the QSC but there is another rumor that claims the J-2500 has

a bigger transformer than EP2500.

I have the binks amp test spreadsheet and the power rating for J-2500 as tested is;

Published spec: 750w/ch @ 4 ohm, 20hz - 20khz

Tested with 117VAC mains with no voltage sag under load.

Power level to reach 1% THD+N;

584w @ 20hz

795W @ 1khz

1215w @ 20khz

It has higher power in the mid to high frequency range and less power

at low frequency at 1% distortion.

In bridge mode, expect 2x those numbers driving an 8 ohm load. With a 4 ohm load in

bridged mode, the variable would be different. For subwoofer at 8 ohms, expect

over 1kw clean. If the subwoofer is 4 ohms in bridged mode, maybe 1500w clean

as AC line sag will cause the power to drop and you may not get 2000w.

The EP2500 should have similar performance numbers. If you are modeling

your woofer to hit mechanical limits somewhere in the 1500w range, then your

EP2500 amp will be clipping as your woofer is performing optimium.
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Heres the responce I got back form Behringer....

Q- "I know the power rating for the EP1500 1khz @1% THD is 1400watts at 4ohms but what is it for 20hz to 20khz? Would it be about 1000 watts to 1100 watts by any chance ( I hope so because that would be great for my design)"

A- "Thank you for writing, - that particular number is not a published specification (readily available), but your estimation seems to be in a reasonably safe range."
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