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I have had my Sharp LC-46D62U for a year now and have had one problem with it ever since I got it. Let me see if I can explain this right. Sometimes when I am watching a HD channel that really isn't in HD I get this white and black band across the top of the screen. Example: Like right now I am watching the NFL HD channel and they are showing Super Bowl XXIV and when I watch it on the HD channel the white band is there but if I watch it on NFL SD the band is gone. It isn't that big of a band and it doesn't block any of the picture it is just annoying. Is this something that only shows on HD channels when the program isn't in HD?

Another question is I have seen a couple of posts about banning issues the Sharp LC-46D62U has. How do you tell if you are having this problem?

And my last question is I have also seen there is a thing called a firmware for my tv but how do you install it? There is no USB on the side of my tv.
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