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Few quick ae4000 questions

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I just got this projector a few days ago and have been absolutly loving it. I do have a few quick questions though. I use this projector for pc and ps3 mainly. I use the ps3 for bluray playback. My question is what settings should I use for the ps3 (expanded color on the ps3 or leave them at limited) ? Also, there is a x.v color option onthe projector but it is grayed out, isntthat essentially the same option option the color range one on the ps3?

I use color 1 for blurays, but it just looks very dull when playing games on the pc, anyone have any recommended settings for pc? Or is there something I need to change on the pc?

Also, I am having a hell of a time getting the image exactly level across the whole screen. Right now it still slopes down from right to left about a quarter inch, which isn't bad, I just zoom in a touch more, and don't even notice it. Do any of you have your perfect?, and do you have any tips getting it there?
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I also use color 1, I think I told the PS3 to use expanded colors and it looks fine.

As far as the sloping, you should be able to rotate the feet individually for small adjustments. I have mine perfectly level as far as I can tell since it projects flush down to a small inset on my wall.

I haven't tried hooking up my PC to it yet, so no suggestions there, sorry!
If you are sure that your projector and screen are level, (use a regular bubble level to check) but your image still slopes, check to make sure that your pj is squared up to the screen. You can just turn it a little to the right or left to see what difference that makes. Being just a little off square can make the image slope.

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