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FFDShow and yv12 \ yuy2 settings

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I have been playing around with ffdshow + windvd filters to see is there any possibility for more quality.

This is one area I don't understand, maybe some of you guys could explain it for me \\ the rest of the forum.

What colour format does DVD come in.

When WinDVD itself is used it is possible to force YV12 colour mode. I cannot see a difference but maybe there is one?

I can't get the WinDVD Video filters to use YV12.

Looking at ffdshows Info section, it says now playing is YUY2 (uncompressed) and the output is YV12,adj.

Is the YUY2 what WinDVDs video filter is outputting to ffdshow?

I then changed ffdshows supported output colourspaces and managed to get it to say

now playing is YUY2 and output is YUY2. The video became very choppy then. So maybe a conversion to YV12 is needed and then onto RGB32.

Could somebody clear this up and explain what would be the most desirable settings for quality and speed.

PowerDVD uses YV12 by default (not sure about its filters) and WinDVD uses YUY2 (but can be forced to YV12 in the player, not the filters as far as I can see)
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I'm also wondering about this. Would anyone please clear this up and explain?
Well I am pretty sure now after asking some people (Blight included) that MPEG 2 is encoded using YV12. I wonder can things like ffdshow sharpening etc, be done better when it is in YUY2 mode. I can't imagine why it would but as a perfectinist I want to be sure this is right.

WinDVDs filters output in YUY2 mode by default. They can be forced to use YV12 in ZP I think with ffdshow. In player mode I have a tweak (in WinDVD Tweaker) to use YV12 by default.

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