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After reading for a long time the AVS forums I must ask you how to run ffdshow in media mode. Using graph:




LoadFilter({E30629D1-27E5-11CE-875D-00608CB78066},Default WaveOut Device)

LoadFilter({B87BEB7B-8D29-423F-AE4D-6582C10175AC},Video Renderer)

LoadFilter({9BC1B780-85E3-11D2-98D0-0080C84E9C39},CyberLink Audio Decoder)

LoadFilter({04FE9017-F873-410E-871E-AB91661A4EF7},ffdshow MPEG 4 Video Decoder)

LoadFilter({212DC710-3235-44A4-BD29-E1652BBCC71C},NVIDIA Video Decoder)

LoadFilter({9B8C4620-2C1A-11D0-8493-00A02438AD48},Source 0)

ConnectPin(Source 0,Video,NVIDIA Video Decoder,Video Input)

ConnectPin(Source 0,AC3,CyberLink Audio Decoder,In)

ConnectPin(CyberLink Audio Decoder,Out,Default WaveOut Device,Audio Input pin (rendered))

ConnectPin(NVIDIA Video Decoder,Video Output,ffdshow MPEG 4 Video Decoder,In)

ConnectPin(ffdshow MPEG 4 Video Decoder,Out,Video Renderer,VMR Input0)

Playing vob, mpeg-2 files shows many mpeg-squares on picture, sound is runnig, then a few seconds after starting to play zoomplayer crahes down.

Do I need VOB-Graphs or what's the problem? AVI-Files work proberly. If somebody can help a forums-newbie it would be great for me!!

System: [email protected], 789MB RAM, Radeon All-In-Wonder 7500, Win XP Pro SP1.
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