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ffdshow performance

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I followed a good article I found while searching about how to use ffdshow with Zoom player and upconvert your dvd. But when I do the resize, it lags bad.

I'm running a Sempron 2200+ w/ 512mb ram and a fx 5200 video card. What kind of horse power is neede to upconvert?

Too bad they can't use the video card GPU to do the upconvert somehow...
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The CPU utilization of FFDSHOW varies quite wildly depending on the "version" used.

This area is getting somewhat confusing as it seems to have many hands and sources. There are those from the original author, those from another who is primarily porting it to use SSE2 (and occasionally, SSE) and those from this chap who seems to have an inside track.

Don't know exactly what he is targeting, but currently I am using 20050201 on an 1700+ with dramatically less CPU utilization, but I see there are a couple more to try out.
Try an SSE (not SSE2) build of FFDshow

You can try overclocking the FSB from 333 to 400 on your mainboard.No promises it will work reliably long-term but on many setups it does and it's a nice test to find out if you are CPU limited.

The FX5200 is one of the slowest cards around. Have some mercy please ;-)
I think what I'm looking for is a good recommendation on what version of ffdshow to use. I am currently using ffdshow-20050204. I've read that different versions work better with different processors, but knowing what version is best for what is tough. Almost all sites that have multiple versions online have no descriptions as to advantages/disadvantages.

I'll try back-revving to the one you mentioned and see if it helps.

Regarding my fx 5200, I'm just using this PC to play music and videos. I don't see how the bottleneck would be the video card, especially since ffdshow uses the processor, not the gpu, to process the video (please correct me if I'm wrong).
I am using http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/f...2.exe?download after having used http://athos.leffe.dnsalias.com/ffdshow-20040718.exe for the longest time. I was getting hung in ZP when starting DVD playback when using Dscaler5 for video. The 20041012 version fixed that problem for me! I find these blds of ffdshow run best on my Athlon 2800+ box with a Radeon 9800 pro card.

Should I be using the SSE ver ffdshow-20041012-sse.exe from http://sourceforge.net/project/showf...group_id=53761 instead of ffdshow-20041012.exe for my 2800+?

Thanks :)

I o/c up to 400mhz fsb and back rev'd and it seems to be working better now. I'm still trying to see a way to tell what all ffdshow is doing for me. The "right side" only button doesn't seem to have a noticeable effect, but I started another thread for that.

Thanks for the advice.

I originally planned on OCing the box up to 400, but doing it via the bios was a no go. The nTune software was able to do it though, no prob.
Well so i dont have to start a new thread. How much power do you need for dscaler 5/ffdshow-denoise3d-resize lancos? Im going to be upgrading from a p4 hyper 2.6ghz. it is not able to do this. I can only select one filter for ffdshow, either denoise, or scale. I was planing on getting a 3000+, but im not sure if its worth it to get a 64 over a xp. Would 64bit windows help any or even run?
I would think a64 would be better in the long term, but for now you won't notice much difference. (64 bit support is not easy to find--My main system is an a64 3000+ and I have yet to install the WinXP 64-bit beta on it)

From what I've read, intel outperforms amd due to running at a higher clock rate.

My Sempron 2200+ runs stock at 333MHz/1.5 GHz, and it was choppy. I changed the version of ffdshow as well as overclocked it to 400MHz/~1.8 GHz and it runs fine now. Not sure what helped more, the ffdshow version or the oc.
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