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I just wonder why every ffdshow rezise method change the picture colors? Mainly the red/blue (if we talk about rgb) is raised at the whole image. That means we have a green touch added to the picture, we can easy spot this with sinc rezise method, but all seems add that green?

I just tested it by rezising the aspect ration by 0.005 aka from 1.25 to 1.255 (1255:1000) that's just a minimal change pixelwise. But that little change has already full impact on the picture colors?

I also tested it with diff. ffdshow version's and picture rezise settings aka (direct multipler of the org. size 1:2, 1:3) but nothing helped to get rid of that green. Also i tested diff. output color spaces. Also no luck.

Is that normal that by rezising, the picture get that ugly green added?

I also tested it with divx/xvid and mpeg2 dvd movies, also used media player classic/zoomplayer ... also diff. renders overlay/vmr7/vmr9 .... nothing work if u rezise the picture with ffdshow a greenish touch is added all over.

Since i assume many of u rezise there movies with ffdshow how u compensate that green? U all use rgb gamma correction? Or is that green not visible at tv-output color space?

Any ideas?

here is the screenshot with 3 rezise methodes, i also noticed that "area" method had the lowest impact on the colors but its still visible and crappy.

http://img17.photobucket.com/albums/v50/Andy2222/colorcheck.png http://img17.photobucket.com/albums/...colorcheck.jpg

click for the PNG 24 bit image

All reziser are set to default without using sharpening settings. ffdshow version was 09/2003 and the reziser was the only filter enabled. Color mode was YUY2 from the dvd (yv12 or rgb result in the same image) render was VMR7 and the screenshot was direct taken out of dshow.

I also did some rgb color comparsion with the lanczos image's in photoshop and mainly the color matrix is changed by -3 red, 0 green, -3 blue (RGB). Its not the same matrix change over the whole image also -4 red, -1 green, -5 blue was spotted and some other combinations. All combinations change the green indirect/direct by +2-5.

PS: ah im using windows XP with nvidia FX5700 ultra and 53.03 whql driver, can someone confirm this problem? Or is it only a nvidia card problem?
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